Energy Cost Optimization

IT Solutions

We have been offering complete IT solutions in relation to energy savings for 23 years. We are able to satisfy the majority of our industrial customers’ requests reliably, quickly and safely, across all industrial segments (chemical, engineering, automobile, glassworks, food industry, etc.).

The solution covers:

Thanks to the cost savings, the return on investment is usually within a 2 year range. It depends on the specific type of corporation and its current state in the area of corporate energy generation (the state of the distribution networks, the number of measurements, the type of production technology used).

Thanks to the inter-connectivity to the economic and production systems, the IT solutions are focused on a wide range of users from operational foremen, dispatchers, technologists, energy engineers to production planners, the economic department and top management, where every group of users only has the necessary field of data available from the viewpoint of protecting information and the need to use data for specific purposes.

IT solutions are multi-lingual and can be run on a PC, tablet and mobile devices, either on the customers’ servers and in data centres (ASP model).